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SUP de V school

A dynamic and extended training offer for young people future

Our offer is based on 6 fields of expertise covering the vital functions of the company and respond to changing needs:


SUP de V is a specialist of apprenticeship for over 31 years.

Thanks to this, it has been training a new generation of high-level professionals in different duties of the company and has been aiming to guide them towards professional success.

More than 50 programs in total are distributed over 5 campuses in Île de France, a region which generates a quarter of France's GDP.

The school has been created from the merge of historical schools of the Paris Ile de France Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Every year the Paris Ile de France Chamber of Commerce and Industry education group trains 35,500 students and 15,500 apprentices on more than 500 programs and spreads its international presence thanks to the extensive offer of its schools.

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We are also related to the largest network of French business schools, the EGC (Management and Business Schools in English).

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SUP de V delivers BTEC Higher National Diploma (a 2-year degree post baccalaureate), Bachelor and Master degrees certified by the French State.


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We expect our apprentices to share our core values:



Team spirit


Desire to transmit

SUP de V key facts

of international students*
*based on an internal survey on the 2022-2023 headcounts.

  • More than 90% of apprenticeship programs, about 4,000 apprentices.
  • Apprenticeship programs are 100% free, without fees.
    The company of the apprentice bears the costs.
  • Human-sized school with groups of 25 to 30 students.
  • 90% pass in exams.
  • 91% of our students are satisfied with their curriculum*
  • 90% of our young people are in employment 7 months after their curriculum*
    *Odity among graduates at bachelor and master level (2021)

A dynamic pedagogy and individual support

A stimulating pedagogy is implemented in order to strive for excellence by promoting a fair fighting spirit at the service of the commercial relationship and other functions of the company (management, administration, human resources, sustainable development and quality). The love of the challenge and competition is nurtured by an ethic based on respect, team spirit, communication and kindness.

Based on the “learning by doing” approach, our active pedagogy offers students the opportunity to develop their soft skills. 

A team of more than 500 professional trainers is available to give students the opportunity to combine theory and practice and to become experts in their own field.

Our approach “learning by doing” contains:
  • Company games and practical cases
  • Digital tools (including E-learning courses with Blackboard software)
  • Role play with a theatrical approach.
SUP de V will give the opportunity to our young people to develop:
  • Professional operational skills sought by most companies
  • Method and tools to manage and implement projects
  • Professional behavior adapted to a demanding job.
Our apprentices will learn to:
  • Undertake projects and be creative and proactive
  • Manage a team
  • Use Agile project methods.

In addition, our young people are followed-up by a tutor team as well during their apprenticeship as during the elaboration of their professional report.

Moreover, we have a special work team who is specifically devoted to help students to find an apprenticeship and career guidance support thereafter graduation. 

This appears as a real advantage compared to classical curricula.


International programs and activities

Our international curricula prepare our young people for careers in France and abroad: 

Area Bachelor degree
3 years
Master degree
5 years
Sales and Business Engineering Head of International Trade Bachelor Business Engineering Manager
Marketing, Sales, Customer Relationship EGC Bachelor (Marketing, Sales, Management)  


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During their curriculum, students from our different programs may be involved in various types of international activities:

  • English courses and intercultural seminars
  • Study trips (Spain, Ireland, US…)
  • Internships abroad during curriculum or after, for which students can benefit from the Erasmus programme (We are a holder of the Erasmus Charter 2021-2027).

  Erasmus Charter 2021-2027

Our programs are regularly revised in order to adapt to new trends of the world of work.


Strong international partnerships

Academic Partnerships

United States of America, Albion College

SUP de V has been partnering with the University of Albion in Michigan for several years. The goal is to have our apprentices from the International Business Engineering Manager curriculum work with American students on entrepreneurial projects.

Greece, The American College of Greece

In 2020, SUP de V has forged a partnership with the graduate business school Alba in Athens. The apprentices of the second international group of the International Business Engineering Manager program carried out projects with companies from several sectors representative of the economy of Greece (tourism, etc.).

Senegal, Sup de Co Dakar

In 2021, SUP de V started a partnership with Sup de Co Dakar. During a few days apprentices of our Digital Marketing and Events program are working with West-African master students in marketing on a company case. The objectives: compare marketing and cultural practices in the 2 geographical areas and learn to collaborate distantly in a multicultural team.

Germany, SRH Hochschule Heidelberg

In 2022, SUP de V and the SRH Hochschule Heidelberg collaborated to organize a study trip for a group of apprentices in international trade of SUP de V. Together with international and local students, they enjoyed a great moment participating to intercultural classes,  team building sessions… Our 2 institutions are exploring further collaboration options within the Erasmus frame.


CCE, The National Committee of Foreign Trade Advisors

The French Foreign Trade Advisors (CCEs) assist our students of the EGC Bachelor in their internship research (advice, interview simulations) and intervene in our school for international conferences. All students who have completed an internship abroad also participate in the International Prize competition which rewards the best internships each year.

Agency Erasmus + and CCI France

Thanks to the European Union and the network of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, our young people benefit from Erasmus+ and Movil'App programmes to carry out mobility abroad during their studies and just after their graduation.

House of Europe

We take part in projects with the House of Europe of Yvelines (78), located in the historic town of SUP de V, Saint Germain en Laye. 

In 2015, our students of the EGC (Marketing Sales and Management) Bachelor program contributed to the realization of surveys on the involvement of citizens and local actors in terms of solidarity, tolerance and peace at the local, national and European level.

In 2018-19, the House of Europe of Yvelines requested the help of our school for a project to support institutional communication on Europe in France.

SUP de V is looking for new academic partners in Europe (business schools, schools of higher education delivering bachelor and master degrees in marketing, sales, management and human resources) in order to perform exchanges and projects (Erasmus programme):

  • teaching exchanges
  • outgoing and ingoing students exchanges
  • cooperation projects.

To do so we developed 2 offers: a semester of studies in English “International business and trade” available from February 2025 for Erasmus students attending a bachelor ; an assistance to students of partner universities who would like to do an internship in the region Ile-de-France between February and June.


SUP de V has a very special relationship with business and all industrial sectors. It has created numerous partnerships with international and national groups as well as smaller companies. Nearly 3,200 companies trust us.

Here are some of the main companies that host our apprentices

Here are European companies that host our young people in internship abroad: 

  • Mercedes-Benz (site in Netherlands)
  • ST SICILY (Italy), which contributes to the development of the entrepreneurial fabric in Sicily
  • Bertin Gmbh (Germany), a subsidiary of Bertin technologies working on the development of the company’s nuclear range of instruments

We are also looking for companies abroad wishing to welcome our students for a 2 to 6 months internship at bachelor and master level.

More precisely we are looking for placements for following profiles every year:

  • EGC bachelor students in 1st year looking for a 3-month internship in marketing, sales or finance between April and June
  • EGC bachelor apprentices in 2nd year for a 2 to 3 months placement between June and August*
  • apprentices at master level in business engineering, marketing, quality and HR strategy for a 2 to 3 months placement around June-July-August*
    *These placements take place during the apprenticeship contract in France and a special mobility agreement is drawn up between all the stakeholders (SUP de V, company in France, company abroad, the apprentice).
  • post-apprentices (any curriculum) looking for a 6-month internship in Europe from October.

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Laurence Gasquet

International Project Manager

Marine Masson

International project officer